Healing From ShameShame can be a tremendously destructive force in our lives.

This podcast will help you learn how to identify shame in yourself, and gives specific suggestions on how to work through it. Shame is usually present in the form of self-loathing or constant thoughts about yourself that are negative or make you feel as if you’re not worthy. And it keeps you living in the past, not viewing yourself as worthy of connection with others.

We’ll talk about the differences between shame and guilt, using Dr. Brene Brown‘s research on shame as inspiration.

The sources of shame are numerous, and include abuse of any kind, neglect, criticism and judgement from others, comparison with others, shameful self-dialogue, perfectionism, procrastination and regret. We’ll talk about each , and how it can specifically lead to shame.

Is shame useful? Is it the same as a “good conscience?” If you struggle with paralyzing shame, this podcast will give you some answers to these and other questions.

Here’s a quote: “You can call it forgiving yourself. You can use faith in a higher Being to help you let it go. You can acknowledge you are human. You can see yourself with compassion. Tell yourself what you would tell your best friend. Realize you were learning something vital. You can do things to try to atone, things that will help you move past it.”

Letting go of shame means moving out of the past, and into the present. It means believing in yourself, and changing your choices. Dr. Margaret offers some very personal comments about her own struggle with shame.

Dr. Margaret also answers a listener question on the use of antidepressants with depression.

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Here are links to the books I mentioned in the podcast.


Classic: https://www.amazon.com/Feeling-Good-Handbook-David-Burns/dp/0452281326


YouTube videos of John Bradshaw: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/98399.Healing_the_Shame_that_Binds_You