learning-the-true-skills-of-listeningWelcome back to SelfWork!

Today’s podcast is all about the skills of listening — really listening. We all get into such bad habits, and learning how to effectively hear and respond to another person, especially someone you love, can make a huge change in how your relationship works and feels.

You may have heard yourself say, “We can’t communicate.” You could be demoralized and may have almost given up on your relationship or each other. This podcast will define some common bad habits we all fall into, and give specific ways to practice and create much better ways of communicating.  A specific technique to practice, called “The I to I Technique,” is laid out for you to try at home! Examples are given of at least one couple who made a dramatic breakthrough and gained trust that was well worth the effort and vulnerability it took to learn healthy listening.

Some bad habits include assuming, impatience, sensitivity to their “tone” of voice, distraction, personalizing your partner’s intent or motivation, and jumping to provide solutions. Ideas of healthier ways of listening are given for each of these. Listen and learn some fresh ideas that might greatly help your friendships and your partnerships with others! (You might have them listen as well…)

We’ll also talk about maintaining change — really any kind of change. This is a response from a listener’s question about Episodes 3 and 4, on Perfectly Hidden Depression.

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