childhood-abuse-how-its-healing-to-revealThere are many people who never reveal to others, or perhaps even admit to themselves, that they were abused as children. Your victimization might have been physical, emotional, sexual, or through neglect. Shame, feeling somehow that the responsibility was yours, denial or avoidance of pain — all can have a stifling effect on your present life, after the abuse is in the distant past. In this podcast, Dr. Margaret focuses on the benefits of coming into the open, and trying to heal. Some are perhaps easier to imagine. Others less so. She uses the stories of actual patients to help clarify the experiences that can help you make the connections between the past and the present. She also stresses that the acceptance of what happened can be healing, not only if you go to therapy or “tell,” but if you confront that shame, or that over-responsibility, within yourself.

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Note: If you’ve been abused, please listen with caution.

If so, here are hotlines for you.

National Sexual Abuse Hotline: Click here.

Help For Victims Of Child Abuse: Click here.

Click here if you’d like to see a great list of self-help books for childhood victims of abuse and neglect.