005-selfwork-after-an-affair-the-essential-steps-of-regaining-trustRegaining trust, whether it’s after an affair or some other form of betrayal, can be a complex process for any relationship. In this podcast, Dr. Margaret provides the essential steps of healing and regaining trust, specifically after an affair. But she points out that these very steps can be used within any relationship — parent and child, between friends, or in a marriage or long-term relationship.

There are many reasons that affairs occur, and Dr. Margaret outlines the newest thoughts on just how affairs happen. What you will walk away with, after listening, is a five-step “how-to” guide, that will help you and your loved one regain the trust you’ve lost, and build a more fulfilling relationship than ever before.

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She mentions the psychologist Esther Perel’s work, and here’s a link to her Ted Talk.