perfectly-hidden-depression-pt-2This podcast is the second in a series of two on what Dr. Margaret calls “Perfectly Hidden Depression.” PHD isn’t a diagnosis, but a syndrome, or group of characteristics that are found together, and serve to help you deny or ignore depression that’s kept far underneath the surface. Your life looks perfect. You’re active and engaged with others. But someone with PHD can experience tremendous loneliness, exhaustion and even suicidal thinking, although no one knows.

In Part Two, Dr. Margaret will go through the steps necessary to confront or work with depression that’s hidden, or PHD. There are six basic steps: Identification, Risking The Reveal, Unhooking From Irrational Beliefs, Connecting With The Glass Half-Empty, Preventing Backsliding, and Self-Acceptance. The focus isn’t only on the problem, but what you can do about it. If you identify with PHD, then listening to this podcast could make a huge difference in your life.

Some helpful links:

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A fascinating Ted Talk by Andrew Solomon on depression, an author mentioned in the podcast.

Dr. Margaret’s website with multiple posts on PHD.

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