9 Ways To Respond To The Grief Of Miscarriage And StillBirth

So what do you say To those who have miscarried

Our culture has quick, one-line responses to some types of grief. When elderly loved ones die, “Well, they had a good life.” When soldiers are killed in war, “They served their country well.” When a woman miscarries or has a stillborn child, “There was obviously something wrong. You will have another baby.” Platitudes. Something to […]

And Men’s Voices Are Heard

Men and Depression

I asked. And I received. I posted the survey on Men, Depression and Openness To Therapy last week. We have received almost 400 responses. I have also had contact with The Good Men Project, a major men’s website, and they will also publish and support. Yet it’s in the private emails. Facebook comments. Conversations that […]

Real Men. More Suicide. What Will It Take For Men To Seek Help?

Dealing with depression in men

“He’s killing himself”. With work. With guilt. With alcohol. We have all described it. Watched it. Now, in the last decade, men are literally committing suicide. In record numbers. I am tired of it for them. For our culture. For our world. If men could admit more easily that they are depressed. Or ashamed. Addicted. […]

Boots, Nuns, Bras & The Journey To Believing In Yourself

I wanted to believe one thing, but had been taught and shown something quite different.

I remember watching “The Sound Of Music” for the first time. My mother took me to see it on the “big screen” in Memphis. It was our first girls trip together. And if my memory is correct, the first time my 40 year-old mom had driven solo on the highway (other than to Little Rock, only […]

4 Common Mistakes In The Hard Job Of Stepparenting

Four Common Mistakes In The Hard Job Of Stepparenting

I think being a stepparent is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. And at times, one of the most vital. A lot of it depends on the context of how the children met you. How long you have been in their lives. How old they were when the divorce occurred. How amicable or […]