Do You Fight To Be Right? 5 Reasons Why You Might

Do You Fight To Be Right? 5 Reasons Why You Might

“I can’t believe what you are saying. You don’t remember that I asked you to pick Jackson up? He’s called and there is nobody left but him and the coach.” “No, and stop screaming at me. You didn’t ask me or I would remember. I’ll just go get him now.” Or…. “What were you saying […]

Starting Over: 5 Ways To Make Dating After A Break-Up Work

Starting Over

I am having the very pleasant experience of getting more email and “Ask Dr. Margaret” questions. This came in from Lana. Question: “I was married for 23 years. I’m ending a four year relationship that began the last year of my marriage. I’ll be living alone. The thought of making new friends and dating at 50 […]

What Steps Do You Need To Take To Feel Better?

worry can twist their otherwise very capable thinking skills into a confused knot

I can be a sucker for new stuff. Got a Jawbone the other day. One of those things you wear on your wrist to measure how many steps you take. How you sleep. Had gotten it out of curiosity. I sit all day. Wondered if I might look dead to the silly thing. My trainer […]

Fighting For Her Life: A Story of Battling Stage IV Breast Cancer

try to face your own discomfort

It is odd getting to know someone by reading their journal. Especially when that journal is about their difficult trek thru Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. I had known her in my home town. She’s older than me. By 2 years. We didn’t know each other well. Those years made us a world apart. Funny. […]

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry If I Want To

2014-10-15 05.45.24

Birthdays. In this picture, I seem to be contemplating the very serious prospect of turning 3. Was probably wondering how to get my hands on that doll. It’s 57 years later. Should I be sad? Departing from a decade? I can’t even call it, “leaving my youth.” Let’s face it…. that was a while back. […]