When Mom Is Emotionally Unstable. 7 Ways To Heal.

When Mom Is Emotionally Unstable

Mom. A word for many that brings with it memories of being tenderly tucked into bed. Getting advice when you fall in love the first time. Watching her committed to work, family, friends, church or community. But also to you, her child. Knowing that she is there for you. For others, “Mom” is as far […]

Women. Suffering From Depression. Has It Ever Been You?

What are women in 2015 thinking about depression?

From Maya Angelou to Sheryl Sandburg, women are being reminded of what we can be. Strong. Courageous. Competent. Yet every research study you pick up talks about how women suffer more from depression than their male counterparts. Certainly, they seek treatment significantly more. What do these women look like? Who are they? There is the attractive, […]

5 Essentials of Healing After An Affair

5 Essentials of Healing After An Affair

I got a call from a TV reporter after the infamous “blue dress” incident during Clinton’s presidency. He wanted to do an interview about the likelihood that the Clintons would break-up. I started smiling. “If most couples didn’t make it through affairs, the divorce rate would be even higher than it is now. You just […]

Why Tell Anyone If You Were Abused As A Child? Six Reasons.

Why Tell Anyone If You Were Abused As A Child

There are some stories I hear as a therapist I would never repeat. Not only because of confidentiality. Because I don’t want someone else, who has not been listening and learning for 20 years, to have to cope with the horror of how parents can abuse their children. Or what an older sibling can do. […]

One Man. Talking About His Life. With Depression.

One Man. Talking About His Life. With Depression.

“I’m ready to tell my story. It’s time.” That’s what I heard from Stuart Walker, owner of Clubhaus Fitness. A tall, muscular guy with a boisterous laugh and incredibly busy schedule. He knew I was working on Perfectly Hidden Depression. Had listened to me talk about how the stigma against mental illness that remains in […]

“And The Survey Says…” Men And How They Feel About Depression And Therapy

And the survey says

Almost 1000 men responded. To be exact 986. I was asking men in a survey whether or not they had ever been depressed. If they had, would they ever tell anyone. Or seek treatment in some way. Medication. Therapy. If so, why. If not, why. The answers I got? Some were expected. Some not at […]