Boots, Nuns, Bras & The Journey To Believing In Yourself

I wanted to believe one thing, but had been taught and shown something quite different.

I remember watching “The Sound Of Music” for the first time. My mother took me to see it on the “big screen” in Memphis. It was our first girls trip together. And if my memory is correct, the first time my 40 year-old mom had driven solo on the highway (other than to Little Rock, only […]

4 Common Mistakes In The Hard Job Of Stepparenting

Four Common Mistakes In The Hard Job Of Stepparenting

I think being a stepparent is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. And at times, one of the most vital. A lot of it depends on the context of how the children met you. How long you have been in their lives. How old they were when the divorce occurred. How amicable or […]

3 Kinds Of Fear And How To Unlock Their Grip

How to unlock the grip of fear

I saw an old hometown friend Saturday at a breakfast place. She was up for a ballgame with her husband. “You know, I’ve had cancer.  But I’m fine.  This is my real hair finally.” She has always had a gorgeous smile, which she flashed at me again. I hadn’t heard a word about it.  Told […]

100 Midwives Helping Give Birth To An Identity


The only two births I have been intimately involved in were my own. And my son’s. Until perhaps the first weekend in March. It was a first conference. A promised place for learning. A chance for meeting those admired but as of yet unknown. An opportunity for a group’s identity to solidify and strengthen itself […]

How My Child Survived Me As A Parent

The birthday party. A child's version of the dream vacation.

I thought it was about the ponies.  And it was one of those parenting memories that I would rather forget. A 4-year old birthday party. At the local lovely Wilson Park. My son Rob. Bursting out of his carseat with excitement. The birthday party. A child’s version of the dream vacation. Cake. Friends from school […]

3 Steps To Stop The Exhausting Work Of Worrying

Find your resilience. Trust it.

Worry. If you read the definition of the word, it says things like troubled. Anxious. A state of mind that can lead to being fearful. It can also be describing a behavior. Persistent messing with something. Like worrying with a sweater that’s too tight. Or constantly stirring something on the stove, when it needs to […]