A Healing Choice The Duggars Could Have Made

A Healing Choice the Duggars Could Have Made

Many families have secrets. The Duggars are among them. Whether or not you follow them zealously, ignore them, or actively disagree with their way of life, the now known fact that the eldest son, Josh, sexually abused three of his younger sisters and two other girls may be having an effect on you. He was 14 […]

What You Don’t Want To Hear In A Therapist’s Office

Seven Commandments of Good Therapy

I’ve had therapy several times in my life. I became clinically depressed 3 weeks after I said “I do” the first time. Wasn’t a good sign. Other times I was figuring out childhood stuff. Then for panic attacks. I’ve had excellent therapists. And one that was not-so-hot. The latter was a psychiatrist in Dallas. He […]

Loving That Doggone Dog


Smokey has been a bit of a complicated pet. A 14 year old Schnauzer-Terrier mutt. I adore him. But he has treated every person coming to our front door as if they were a serial killer. All his life. He roars up to our heavy glass front door when he hears a knock. Barking ferociously. […]

Watching My Mother Disappear

Watching my mother disappear - Dr. Mother Rutherford

My mother, Betty, was a beautiful, talented, smart woman who never believed any of that. There were various reasons for her disbelief. Some of them, I understood. Some, I didn’t. And never will. At age 35, she searched for help after her first panic attack. She didn’t call it a panic attack. Probably the doctor […]

What Made The Bruce Jenner Interview So Powerful?

Whatever drama is going on in your life, your back story is what is important as well.

I, along with countless other folks, watched the Bruce Jenner interview last week. Conversations about it are going on everywhere. Coffee shops. Sports bars. Part of what is spurring the fascination of the conversation is, of course, the complexity of the transgender experience. People trying to put themselves in Bruce Jenner’s shoes. Even if just for […]