This Whole Ashley Madison Thing? A Call For Compassion

Perhaps now is the time to give it.

I hear every day how people’s lives get out of control. Maybe because they made a destructive choice. Maybe because someone did something to them. Maybe because life has handed them a painful unexpected tragedy. Some fact that they are going to have to endure. Like the recent murders of the young news anchor and […]

Can I Trust You Again? 7 Considerations.

Trust requires a leap of faith.

Trust can be broken in many ways. Between parent and child. Between friends. Between partners. How is trust challenged? By lying. Either by omission or commission. The first – simply not letting someone else know the whole story. Leaving out what you decide to keep to yourself and allowing them to think something else. The […]

There Is Simply No Comparison. That’s Very Good For You.

Dare to not compare. Stand in the light that is your own.

It used to be called “keeping up with the Jones-es.” Keeping an eye on whether lawns were trimmed. Kids were polished. Who served the best martini or chicken broccoli casserole. Now we have the giant reflective mirror of Facebook and other social media which displays the backyards of others as they want us to see […]

Coping With Empty Nest: The MOM Movement

mom and rob

I have a good relationship with my 21 year-old son. But I have heard about it. The fate that is waiting for me. Listened with a tiny bit of dread. “You know, boys just don’t stay close to their moms when they settle down. They are closer to their wives’ family, not to you anymore”. […]

Are You Worrying Yourself To Death? 7 Solutions.

Are You Worrying Yourself To Death 7 Solutions

“How are you feeling?” “I am worried.” Worry is not an emotion. It is your brain on steroids, ruminating and racing along. Going over the same things. Over and over. And over. Doubt can lead to checking and rechecking whether or not doors are locked. Cleaning baseboards at all hours of the night. Buying things […]

When Mom Is Emotionally Unstable. 7 Ways To Heal.

When Mom Is Emotionally Unstable

Mom. A word for many that brings with it memories of being tenderly tucked into bed. Getting advice when you fall in love the first time. Watching her committed to work, family, friends, church or community. But also to you, her child. Knowing that she is there for you. For others, “Mom” is as far […]