5 Frank Tips For Enjoying Your Family This Holiday

5 Frank Tips For Enjoying Your Family This Holiday Dr. Margaret Rutherford

It’s the weekend before Christmas. The last days of Hanukkah. I have listened these past weeks how patients are preparing for the holiday.  Everything from looking forward to it, to fearing pure chaos, to expecting complete authoritarian rule. Relatives fighting one another, swearing they won’t come if so-and-so is there. Old wounds, never resolved, that […]

I Owe It To You. Two Years And Counting.


I don’t know what to say. Or at least it’s difficult to come up with the right words to express my feelings. December 17th is the 2 year anniversary of my journey onto the Internet. First with the website “NestAche”. Then with the originally titled “Dr. Margaret Rutherford: Helping You Believe In Yourself”. Whether you […]

4 Ways To Face Your Fears

Staying afraid is just not a good option

One evening a couple of months ago, I was watching the Houston news. There was a story on a woman who was terrified of aging. Doing extravagant things to try to stay looking young. Shortly thereafter, a reporter had produced a feature story on his sister. She had a condition where she was losing both […]

Christmas Plates And 11 Other Holiday Goodies That Won’t Happen At My House

Christmas Plates

I am always amazed when I am invited for a party or homemade meal during the holidays. Out come beautiful Christmas plates. We have a set.  Inherited from my in-laws when they moved out of their New Jersey home. 12 years ago. I either forget. Or convince myself I don’t have room for them to […]

Giblets And Growing Up


There are some wonderful things about growing up. Your legs finally reach the floor when you sit down. You can pick your own bedtime. You can see over practically everything. When you have your own home, now there’s where the gittins’ good (a Southernism for those of you not from these parts…). You can finally […]